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5 European Summer Destinations worth visiting in 2021

Written by mimie reed


Posted on June 07 2021

The past year has taken away a lot of privileges we once took for granted, and travel had become a long lost hope for many of us - but that doesn’t mean we can’t anticipate our coming trips. 2021 may be a year when we’ll have to appreciate what is closer to home and discover the places we oddly overlooked in previous years! Here are our top 5 European summer destinations where you can pack up your resort wear and head to for the ultimate dream holiday!


  • Saronic Islands, Greece There’s nothing quite like the Greek islands - each so charming in their own unique way, yet all so loyal to their cultural identity. Santorini and Mykonos are two favoured islands for a glamorous, picturesque vacation, but why not pay the Saronic Islands a visit this year instead? Rent a boat and explore a new island every day to experience the quaint, calm life that can be found there. Spetses, Poros, Hydra and Aegina are all a must-see!
  • Budva, Montenegro
    Crystal clear waters and lively seaside resorts are only a fraction of what make Budva a popular attraction in Montenegro - yet this stunning country is often overlooked. Sunbathe with your favourite cocktail in hand, and then head to the Old Town’s cobbled streets to explore the cafés and boutiques - what better way to spend the afternoon?

  • San Sebastián, Spain
    This beautiful resort town can be found on the Bay of Biscay in Spain’s Basque Country, and is known for its captivating beaches and promenade that frames them. When the sun begins to set, though, there are plenty of other hotspots you won’t want to miss out on - from some of the most highly-rated restaurants, to the luxurious shopping destinations.

  • Positano, Italy
    Positano is arguably one of the most picturesque European villages. Located on the southern part of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, this Cliffside spot has gained traction over recent years. The beaches are truly eye-catching, but the plethora of restaurants and boutiques that overlook them are just as worth visiting.

  • Provence, France
    Provence offers a range of attractions for all kinds of travellers, but nothing quite like its lavender fields and legendary beaches. You’ll want to book your next getaway here in the warmer months!