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Mimie Reed Swim and Resort: Our Story

Written by mimie reed


Posted on April 22 2021


It may come as no surprise that we love all that is timeless, sustainable and elegant here at Mimie Reed Swim and Resort, yet there is far more to the brand’s story than what first meets the eye.

We sat with Mimie herself, to ask a few questions about the brand’s origin, its purpose and what might be in store for its future...

What led you to launch your brand?

Apart from my love of fashion and all things vintage, I’m a passionate traveller and sunseeker. Over the years I have found myself the happiest by the beach and the ocean. I always struggled to find elegant swimwear that was not too skimpy and not too dull. This inspired me to create a modest but chic collection of swim and resortwear. It was also important for me to be a brand of a purpose and focus on sustainability and inclusivity.

In addition to that, it’s important for me to give back in some way so it was not a coincidence when I came across the Olive Ridley Project in Maldives, a sanctuary that rescues marine turtles entangled in fishnets, that I adopted a turtle and came to the conclusion of combining my creativity with a philanthropic venture.

How do you find inspiration for your designs?

I’m a little obsessed with the 40s - 50s and have always loved everything from that particular era. Be it fashion, music, movies, cars, interiors. I find the women to be so effortlessly elegant and chic. As dull as it might seem for some, I’m an old soul and in a world full of trends I always want to remain a classic.

I find a lot of inspiration from old Hollywood films and vintage vogue magazines, which I am an enthusiastic collector of. Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jackie-O and Dorothy Dandrige are all fashion icons I truly admire.

Can you tell us more about the efforts you have directed towards making your brand as sustainable as possible?

We are passionate about slow fashion, sourcing sustainable materials, rethinking classics and long-lasting designs.

Our main fabric used is ECONYL®, an Italian company that collects unwanted waste from around the world and turns it into regenerated nylon. The product is made entirely from ocean and landfill waste, such as industrial plastic and discarded fishing nets. We buy this fabric and turn it into swimwear.

We have created a limited collection of hats, handmade out of 100% straw and our sunglasses that are made of bio acetate, which is made with plasticisers from renewable sources rather than oil-based ones. This is a natural, biodegradable alternative that is better for our ecosystem and environment. They are also hand crafted with love from a small manufacturer in Italy that we love to work with! We also adopt a minimalistic approach and focus on creating long-lasting designs.

Which would you say is your favourite piece from your latest collection?

This is a very difficult question as I absolutely adore every single piece. However, the Vivian ruched swimdress paired with the Fiona strawhat will be a lifelong treasured combination. I love how it sculpts the body and accentuates an hourglass shape! I like to wear it as a top with a skirt, on and away from the beach. I also love that it flatters all body shapes. It’s modest yet chic and perfect for those who prefer a little bit more coverage.

And oh, my hats and hatbox is everything! It adds instant glam and I get compliments for it whenever I travel.

What is your vision for the brand’s future?

We want to help inspire and be part of a positive shift in the industry. To keep promoting slow fashion, rethinking classics and keep creating long lasting designs that will stay chic over the years and that today’s women will love to wear over and over again!