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Rescuing Sea Turtles, One Swimsuit at a Time

Written by mimie reed


Posted on March 23 2021



We have long believed in the importance of supporting sustainable practices, and an issue that is so significant to us is the recycling of ghost nets.

Ghost nets are fishing nets that have been left at sea, therefore causing grave damage to the ocean and marine life. They are even harmful to coral and reefs, both by entangling them and causing parasites to grow. Economically, they are also a burden - particularly for the tourism and diving industry.

What is more pressing is their ability to cause great problems for many years to come as they drift along currents and entangle fish, suffocating and causing substantial pain for them prior to their eventual death. The fish then tend to attract large predators, such as dolphins or turtles, which fall into the same trap.

While there is no one answer as to why ghost nets end up forgotten in the ocean, poor fishing techniques and bad weather are among the top factors. Unregulated fishing activities and a lack of access to recycling facilities are also particularly harmful. Knowing this, we have made sure to create swimwear that is mainly made from recycled ghost nets, as well as other regenerated ocean waste.

This is especially why we want to support causes that are determined to make a difference, namely the Olive Ridley Project. ORP aims to “protect sea turtles and their habitats through rescue and rehabilitation, education and outreach, and scientific research.” Founded by Dr Martin Stelfox back in 2013, the project relies on the work of dedicated scientists, veterinarians, conservationists, citizen scientists and volunteers. With operations based in Oman, Maldives, Pakistan and Kenya, they have been able to impact local policy makers and fishing communities. Their research has also helped educate many on the lives and habitats of sea turtles, therefore aiding in their rescue mission.

In an effort to encourage the work carried out at ORP, we donate 3% of all our purchases to them. You too can support their mission by shopping online at brands that strive to make a difference, or by donating directly, which helps fund the project’s research and untangle turtles.



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