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Top 5 Vintage Fashion Films

Written by mimie reed


Posted on March 10 2021


5 Vintage Fashion Films You Must Watch!

Many of us have spent the majority of evenings the past year tucked under a blanket from the comfort of our homes, so it is safe to say that looking for entertainment may have become somewhat daunting by now. Yet these old, classic films never cease to provide a great escape for all fashion enthusiasts and movie admirers; they are both comforting and endearing, and remind us all of more glamorous days.

Yet for those of us who adore all things vintage, these films also serve as the ideal style inspiration. They ought to bring about some great ideas for those of you who are looking to spruce up our swimwear with a personal touch - perhaps some extra accessories or the ultimate hairstyle. Here are our top five recommendations:

Funny Face, 1957

Funny Face is undoubtedly a classic that only a few of us are unfamiliar with. This romantic comedy consists of all the things we love - fashion, romance, musical features and the city of light! The movie is inspired by Richard Avedon’s life and career, and is based on Jo Stockton (played by Audrey Hepburn), who has been discovered as a model and rushed to Paris for glamorous fashion shows and photoshoots.

Blood and Black Lace, 1964

This vintage film fits in the horror category - yet it entails plenty of luxurious style inspiration. A serial killer and a fashion design house might not often go hand in hand, but this film has managed to combine a thrilling story with lots of glamour. Its cinematic style is what has made it so renowned today.

Prêt-A-Porter, 1994
Yet another murderous fashion film, prêt-a-porter combines comedy and style and includes icons such as Sophia Loren, Cher, and even a Thierry Mugler feature. The plot surrounds the death of the Fashion Council’s head and the investigation that follows - you won’t want to miss this one!

How to Marry a Millionaire, 1953

This renowned film is based on three fashion models who put together a plan allowing them to marry a millionaire - it is both humorous and exciting, but the film’s style is most impressive. An elegant film set and glamorous ensembles worn by Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall and Betty Grable steal the show.

Cover girl, 1944
Cover girl is what every fashion fan’s dreams are made of - glamor, captivating performances, inspiring fashion and an eye-catching movie set. This film is based off of Rusty Parker, a redhead dancer aspiring to become a Broadway star, who then wins a magazine contest that allows her to become a highly-paid cover girl. We promise it’s worth the watch!


 'The love goddess' Rita Hayworth in 'Glida',1946

Our forever fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn in 'Breakfast At Tiffany's',1961

Timeless Swedish beauty, Anita Ekberg in 'La Dolce Vita',1960

Poised and glamorous, Dorothy Dandridge in 'Carmen Jones' 1954, also the first African American female actress to be nominated for a Golden Globe award

Audrey Hebpurn wearing the Iconic Givenchy gown in 'Sabrina',1954